Sunday, September 9, 2012

Loss of Art Equals Loss of Civilization

Queenosabe is furious! Furious about the woman in Kansas City who wants the statue of the bare breasted woman removed from a park. The article does not say how old her girls are. But that doesn't matter. She wants to remove a piece of art and put it in a museum. Soon she, or her kind, will want to remove books from public libraries. Art belongs to everyone. This particular piece could prompt wonderful discussions between a mother and her daughters. 

Would she remove the Vigeland statues from Frogner park in Oslo? Yes of course she would. We must all fight for the right of artists to examine the world we live in and give us the opportunity to see things with new perspective.

Can you tell? I am so angry I could spit! By the way, I was drawing the nude male and female statues displayed in the old Herron Art Museum when I was eight years old.

Bob Goodlet, a wonderful bass player,  is fighting the good fight to save the Indianapolis Symphony. Who would believe that would ever be an issue? When art of any genre goes, there goes civilization.

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