Saturday, August 18, 2012

8 Children Die in Hot Cars in One Week

This headline was on the web news.

Do you See the tears in Kidosabe's eyes?  Do you see the tear drop on her cheek?  When one child dies, we all lose a bit of ourselves.  We all mourn.  Queenosabe knows that no reader of hers would ever let a child out of sight. 

However, as the days grow cooler, it is easy to forget how very quickly the heat becomes unbearable. So as Kidosabe sobs over the death of these little ones, it is time for all of us to be reminded.  No child should ever be left alone.  Children need constant supervision.

We, as adults, get into cars and the seats are too hot to sit on and the steering wheel is too hot to hold, and yet some doofus leaves a child in the car alone.  It is beyond all reasonable comprehension. Queenosabee holds Kidosabee's hand and cries with her.

This headline is a reminder to us all. 

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